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Our wool

Our wool

From left: goat, camel and yak.

Wool has many amazing qualities. The wool we use in our clothing is cashmere, yak and camel. These are animals with wool that is both softer and warmer than the traditional wool we know from sheep. Animals in Mongolia produce an amazing undercoat as protection from the harsh winter climate, where temperatures can drop as low as minus 40 degrees. Our wool is not sheared, nor do the herders practice mulesing. The herders comb their animals during moulting season. This means that you only get the exclusive wool from cashmere, yak and camel once a year.


Cashmere from Mongolian herders is considered the finest in the world. The wool comes from the cashmere goats that live both alpine steppe and steppe areas of Mongolia. Cashmere wool is said to be eight times warmer than sheep wool and is at the same significantly lighter and softer. 


This is not the type of camel you might think of that lives best in the desert. It is a long-haired camel that comes from the Mongolian steppes. The coat is soft and warm, and has a very similar fiber structure to cashmere. The characteristic of camel hair is its hue (tanned color) and incredible luscious. It is strong and sturdy. 


Yak is a type of long-haired bovine that has been used for clothing production for over a thousand years in Mongolia. The yak coal quality is almost comparable to cashmere wool, between 16 and 19 microns. Yak wool is known to outperform other wool types in terms of breathability and warmth.

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