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10 benefits of wool

10 benefits of wool

We all know that wool is nice and warm. In Norway we have long traditions with wool. It has been one of the most important materials for textiles for many, many years. This has faded in recent years, but we are seeing a growing interest in wool. We have made a list with some fun facts about wool. Did you know that wool has all these wonderful properties?

1. Biodegradable biodegradable icon

When wool is discarded, wool fiber only takes a few years to decompose and break down. It can even be used as fertilizer!

2. Breathable and insulating breathable and insulating icon

The natural structure of the fibers in wool means that wool garments absorb and release moisture. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

3. Flame resistant flame resistance icon

Wool fiber has a higher ignition threshold than many other fibers and is flame retardant up to 600 degrees. It produces less toxic gases in a fire.

4. Allergy friendly allergy friendly icon

Wool is not known to cause allergies and does not promote the growth of bacteria. With microscopic shell layers, wool fibers can trap dust in the top layers so that wool garments can only be aerated and shaken clean.

5. Durable and elastic durable and elastic icon

Wool fiber can be bent 20,000 times without breaking, and still has the power to recover and return to its natural shape. This means that high-quality wool clothes stay well for a longer period of time.

6. Easy maintenance easy maintenance icon

Wool can be aerated, cleaned or washed while still retaining natural oils. Wool fiber resists dirt and grease.

7. Multi-climatic multi climatic icon

Wool adapts to the environment. It keeps you warm when it's cold, and releases heat and moisture when you perform the most energetic activities.

8. Natural insulating natural insulating icon

Wool can be used to insulate your home. It regulates the temperature well and helps to avoid moisture damage. Linseed wool is naturally resistant to pests, rot and mold.

9. Natural and renewable natural an renewable icon

Animals that we get wool from produce new fur every year. Wool products use less energy than man-made fibers during production.

10. Sun protection sun protection icon

Wool has a naturally high UV protection. It actually has more protection than both synthetic fabrics and cotton.

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