Everything has an impact

There is no planet B

Products are continuously being made; sustainably or not. Smart marketing, streamlined production and uncritical purchase choices has led us to overconsumption. As a brand, we need to address the subject of sustainability in an integral way.

The rising awareness of consumers help brands to improve the way things are made. Nevertheless, we need to address the challenges we are facing by fighting overconsumption with responsibility, awareness and knowledge.

Buying less but buying better quality garments that you would want to use - basically until it breaks down beyond repair - is a responsible choice that would have less impact for the planet and people.

In order to make a difference we all need to be accountable for the choices we make. As a brand, we need to make quality clothes that last, while being transparent about how our products are made - which in turn enable our customers to make an educated purchase.

Raising the standards of our seasonless, affordable staples contribute to smart consumption, which will impact the world positively.

Slow & thorough

We set out make the best and softest seasonless woolen garments. We focuse on polluting less by using all natural, high quality raw material, and respecting every individual involved in the process. We design our creations in contemporary style. The design is inspired by the Nordic simplicity where a balance between form, function, and quality are used as our guiding compass.

Our soft and seasonless garments can easily be worn as wardrobe building blocks - year after year. We promise you will cherish them - thereby also quenching the need to pile up on garments that you won't be using.

Our unique value chain has enabled us to make garments that have lighter impact. It is recognised with at grant by Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

We offer amazingly soft woollen garments to a fair price, with integrity and quality. We believe this to be the most sustainable and responsible choice in the long run; with a lower cost per wear for people, planet and animals.


86% less CO2 emission compared to similar woollen garments during production only.

Maintaining all our value chain in Mongolia eliminates unnecessary CO2 emission due to movement of raw material to and from different processing factories in different countries. This is a calculation that has not been factored into our our calculations above. CO2 emission caused by transport vary according to how brands want to produce their products.

Leaving our value chain in Mongolia empowers local communities by giving them a livelihood in order to thrive.

90% water saved during production when making our woollen sweaters compared to similar garments.

We've designed a processing cycle that is shorter than industry average.

We keep our wool as natural as possible, which means a shorter production process where no toxic chemicals is added onto our garment in order to enhance features and color.

Our garments are all natural as mother nature intended.

28% energy saved during production compared to similar woollen sweaters.

The raw material is sourced from herders participating in eco-management project.

This enables a cyclical pasture system ensuring not only high quality pasture areas for the ruminants, but also diminishing desertification and ensuring a livelihood for future generations.

All our woollen garments is hand harvested a by the herders, a practise that is considered most animal friendly compared to shearing.