Ayo Oslo is an apparel brand that creates woolen apparel with a profound passion for natural and high-quality materials, combined with a deep respect for all living beings in our planet before, during and after the creation of our lovely garments.

We design our creations in a contemporary classical style inspired by the Nordic simplicity where a balance between form, function, and quality are used as our guiding compass. Our soft and sustainable garments can easily be worn as wardrobe building blocks - year after year.

"Our aim is to diversify the range of products we buy and have taken the initiative, commitment and dedication to developing exquisite little things with substance. Accordingly, giving the consumers the advantage to purchase an incredibly soft, warm woolen garment that lasts and is aligned with their standards and values." 
Maria Amor, Founder


Many of us care about the consequences of our purchase choices, but we have neither the time nor the information we need to make sure that the stuff we buy aligns with our values. Ayo Oslo offers a transparent solution with traceable wool of the highest fiber quality. Our Improved Wool Initiative makes it easy for the consumer to keep warm and true to his/her values. 

Ayo Oslo represents a new way of thinking about the story behind the clothes we buy. It all started when started when the founder's son was born. He developed eczema at a very early age, and time was spent trying to find soft and organic high-quality woolens he could use. Wool is inevitable in Norway because of the harsh winter climate. Searching for natural, high-quality wool like cashmere where information of its origin and animal welfare was available, was like trying to find a needle in the haystack. She
 decided to take the matter into her own hands and spent 3 years developing the idea and the intricate value chain, that would lay the foundation of what was to become Ayo Oslo. Unveiled during Norwegian Fashion Week, Oslo - February 2017 - backed by Innovasjon Norge, and shortly followed by a successful Kickstarter Campaign in March. 

Ayo Oslo products are unique in that the garments have a lighter eco-footprint. Our woollen garments have achieved to reduce the consumption of  90% less water, 28% less energy, and emits 86% less C02.  Further to this, our IWI™ garments are made of raw material from herders that participate in an environmental management program.The eco-management program aims to manage pasture areas in a sustainable manner, thus enabling a cyclical pasturing system for future generations. 

Materials used are made from 100% natural and organic high-quality fibres. Our garments are developed in Oslo Norway in timeless designs with demands for responsible business practices in our own turf and with our collaborators.

We work with different types of wool in which the herders offer, hand-combed wool from animals considered to belong in the luxury segment: cashmere, yak and camel. The animals graze in natural surroundings and treated with respect, in keeping with the heritage and tradition of the Mongolian nomadic herders. The raw material procurement help to empower local communities. The nomadic herders participate in an environmental management project to rehabilitate pasture areas.

Ayo Oslo, making it easy for you to stay true to your values.

Keep warm, guilt-free!