Where it begins

The integral approach

1 Fighting desertification


We source our wool from Mongolia, specifically Outer Mongolia (distinct from Inner Mongolia, which is part of China). Mongolia is a landlocked country situated in the plateau of Central Asia, between Russian Siberia and China.

The country boasts a mountainous terrain with an average altitude of 1,580 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest countries globally. Mongolia encompasses 110 million hectares of rangeland, with approximately 90% of this land capable of self-regeneration within a decade.

In contrast, the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia has been combating desertification for over six decades, affecting 57% of its territory. This situation has prompted many nomadic herders in Mongolia to recognize the challenges and consequences of desertification in their neighboring country.

Collaborating with national and international partners, they have initiated environmental management projects across Mongolia. The primary goal is to sustainably manage pasture areas, rehabilitate degraded lands, and establish a cyclical pasturing system for the well-being of future generations.

2 Animal friendly wool

Free grazing hand combed wool

In the heart of Mongolia, where the seasons march to their own tune, a remarkable story unfolds. Here, beneath the vast expanse of blue sky, the land's rhythm is one with its livestock - a symphony of goats, sheep, and cattle, their voices echoing through the ages.

Mongolian wool, a testament to nature's wisdom, carries a lighter ecological footprint than its global counterparts. Indigenous breeds, modest in stature but rich in tradition, tread gently upon the earth. In contrast to the industrial giants of dairy, pigs, and poultry, these native companions are guardians of sustainability.

Amidst the bitter embrace of winter, where temperatures plummet to a staggering -40 degrees Celsius, these hardy creatures thrive. In this unforgiving landscape, there's no need for harsh practices. No mulesing here. Instead, the herders' gentle hands comb away excess fleece, securing livelihoods and ensuring the animals' comfort during Mongolia's sweltering summers.

Mongolia's wool, celebrated worldwide for its unmatched quality, is a testament to the harmony between humanity and nature. In this land of enduring traditions, sustainability is woven into the very fabric of life.

3 Validating Traditions

Natural lifestyle

Our journey takes us to the heart of Mongolia, a land where time dances to the tune of tradition. Here, amidst boundless horizons, we find the nomadic herders, stewards of a timeless way of life.

In this ancient land, a profound connection exists between people and their livestock, forged in the crucible of respect and harmony. When we choose to source our wool from these communities, we empower them to flourish, fostering self-sufficiency and prosperity.

For the Mongolian herders, animal welfare isn't just a principle; it's a way of life passed down through generations. Their nourishment, security, and income are intricately woven with their livestock. Treating these animals with reverence is an age-old practice, a testament to their enduring commitment to ethical care.

4 Ensuring livelihood

Empowering local communities

Our partners, responsible for transforming raw materials into our beloved garments, are dedicated to environmental stewardship. They actively practice pollution prevention and control, while also investing in their workforce through daycare facilities and local green projects. These initiatives are steps toward a more respectful and eco-friendly environment.

Furthermore, our sweaters are knitted in Mongolia, where the raw materials originate. This choice keeps the entire value chain within Mongolia for as long as possible, ultimately benefiting all those engaged in creating our cherished garments.

Leaving all of our value chain in Mongolia has its positive effect on our eco-footprint