Our Why and How

Our Impact Facts

Wear The Change

We don't want to be yet another clothing brand. We do not offer a summer, winter, nor even a spring or fall collection. We're slow. We make the best seasonless high quality clothes where we've focused to pollute less and respect the planet and its inhabitants in our process. Our actions are geared towards being a part of a change - all the while making sure you are wrapped in our amazingly soft woollen garments with integrity and quality that has in the long run a lower cost per wear - for people, planet and animals.

Our Story

Ayo Oslo represents a new way of thinking about the story behind the clothes we buy. It all started when the founder's son was born. He developed eczema at a very early age, and time was spent trying to find soft and natural high-quality woolens he could use - which was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

3 years were spent developing the idea and the intricate value chain that was backed with a grant and recognised by Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry; shows true diligence, dedication, and above all an integral view of the consumerism challenges that forged a solution behind the idea of a sustainable value chain.

"If it is in our power to act, then we should act now. After all; we have learned from the past to do right for the future - because we only have one planet, one that we've borrowed from our children."

- Maria Amor Lagmay, Founder and Creative Director of Ayo Oslo

Mission and vision

Many of us care about the consequences of our purchase choices, but we have neither the time nor the information we need to make sure that the stuff we buy aligns with our values.
Ayo Oslo set out to create woollen garments that would step forward from the status quo challenges in the textile industry. Our seasonless wardrobe staples offer a transparent solution with traceable wool of the highest fiber quality - making it easy for our consumer to keep warm and true to their values by knowing how our clothes are made, the impact of our clothes and the people and animals behind it.

But it's not only about clothes. We want to be a part of a positive change, and we love that you've found your way to this page to take part; by wearing the change.
We at Ayo Oslo believe that responsibly made quality clothing should be a standard - in every wardrobe. Our high quality woollen staples is made of noble raw material and made with diligence that is respectful to all entities involved. And in our process we want to raise as much awareness possible.
We believe our quality affordable staples contribute to smart consumption - with less impact and more value.